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What new homebuyers say

Trapped in a new home! Rubbish under bath left by builder Rubbish hidden by house builder understairs Inconsiderate Contractors at Bovis Homes

What new homebuyers are saying…..

Customers who have had enough...

"I knew eventually it would be fixed because they had to, but it is the way they treated me, the fact that they tried to pull the wool over my eyes with all of this, the fact that everything was a fight to get what I was entitled to. It’s been 18 months of hell"

Sue Oliver - Bovis Homes

"Everything takes so long, everything is so hard,

Everything  is a huge fight. In the end you end up

Saying,  you know What,  that’s good enough,

that’s fine - I’m done" Luke Mahon - Taylor Wimpey

"It's exhausting. I cant stress enough how tired I am with all of this and I just want it to end. And I know it’s not going to end and I now we will just have to keep fighting"

Roberto and Carolina Revilla - Taylor Wimpey

"it just feels like the whole house wasn’t put together properly"

"Without question we wouldn't have moved in had we known the problems. Truly has been 6 months of hell" - Redrow buyer

"If you don't laugh at it all though you'll have a breakdown! I've been so ill from it all" - Bovis Homes buyer

The industry told Channel 4 Dispatches:

"that new home purchasers are offered significant protection via a builder’s guarantee and a ten-year warranty and buyers have recourse to an independent consumer code."

Well it isn't working!

It is time to end the suffering and stress caused by house builders and their badly-built new homes.

More new home buyers comments posted online…

"They are only interested in money and couldn't give a toss about the finished result of the property or the estate it is on"

"Do not buy any house from them, they are a despicable company that has no pride in their work and do not care about customer service, they have no quality standards and the NHBC must sign the paperwork over a cup of tea, because my house was never inspected"

"The way they deal with customers is unreal, they have no respect for them, they are truly only out for the money and the numbers to ensure they meet their targets and get their big fat bonuses year on year"

"Poorly built houses, no parking, no facilities, living on and in a building site for nearly two years"

"Customer service non-existent! They take your money and at that point everything stops" "The worst customer care I've experienced"

"It has taken us 6 months to get 50% of our snagging list done. The site manager says he will sort it out and then ignores you for a month or so"

"This lot are rude, scary and ineffectual. They don't do what they promise, take ages getting round to things and then pick and choose what they will do."